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Be the proud owner of a stunning website that perfectly expresses you and your unique business, calls to your soul aligned clients and is the easiest, simplest process ever!


Are you looking for a website that deeply and authentically expresses you & your business?

Are you a Business Owner who’s passion is helping others to live their best lives?

Is your old website letting you down, confusing potential clients and no longer feeling aligned? Or are you yet to embark on your first website and looking for a designer you can trust to understand you?

I’m so happy you’re here, you’re in the right place…

Is This You?

You’ve made the decision it’s time to either upgrade your website or invest in your first website and you’re really excited!

But you’re also juggling a busy home life, serving the clients you love and take the financial investment seriously.

You’re not entirely sure what all the steps are and you’re worried you won’t get it right or don’t have the time or expertise.

Hey I'm Melanie, It's So Nice To Connect!

I’m a WordPress Website Designer with 10 years experience designing websites for 80+ business owners who want to do great things in the world and create a great life for themselves and their families.

I’m not your average Web Designer; I’ve been on a life long journey of self development and self exploration, and I design and work with clients in uniquely intuitive way. I understand what branding, imagery, colours, fonts and design elements will deep connect you with your dream clients.


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“Melanie is the loveliest human being to work with – very responsive, warm, generous, respectful and timely.

My website was worth every penny for the quality of work.”

Lana Mamisashvili


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