How A Bad Doctors Appointment Compares To Some Website Design Experiences

How A Bad Doctors Appointment Compares To Some Website Design Experiences

Have you ever left a medical appointment feeling deflated after the doctor rushed you through a 15-minute slot without truly listening?

You had gathered every ounce of motivation to clearly explain your symptoms in hopes of finally being understood and finding relief. Only to feel dismissed amidst shuffling papers, generic questions, and poor bedside manner.

It ended with a horrible anti-climactic feeling, a prescription that doesn’t seem personalised, and next steps you don’t fully understand.

Frustratingly, working with the wrong Web Designer can result in a similar let-down. You invest hours collating your brand details, content needs, aesthetic tastes and conversion goals. Only to feel like you’re not truly being heard and your unique and special qualities aren’t captured in the design.

It may start out promisingly enough. The designer politely nods along as you describe your brand colors and ideal page layouts. But when concepts are presented, they missed the mark on integrating your personality and vision.

Your website is your primary platform for attracting ideal clients. It needs to resonate with exactly what makes your offerings special and connect visitors to your purpose on a deeper emotional level.

Having a site that falls short in reflecting your essence is more than just a bummer. It actively limits your ability to attract aligned clients and establish your unique authority. It’s like trying to spread your light through a filter that dulls and diffuses your glow.

The consequences cascade from there. Without the right clients finding and connecting with your website, your business growth gets hampered. Revenue and satisfaction decline without meaningful client relationships. You’re left feeling burnt out without the community energy you need.

I’ve been there myself as an entrepreneur and witnessed far too many receive lackluster websites from designers who just go through the motions. They complete the site requirements yet fail to bring it fully to life with the human touch needed.

There must be a better way. An approach that deeply understands who you are and makes that the emotional heart of your website. One that listens first and responds with thoughtful design choices tailored specifically to you.

Hi I’m Melanie and I specialise in beautiful, strategic and aligned websites for women Coaches and Entrepreneurs.

I consistently get messages from my clients thanking me for truly listening, so that they felt included and heard during the entire process. The outcome being a website they feel represents them and their business 100% and that they can feel really proud of!

My passion is helping you share your truest, most vibrant self through web design that converts. If you’re ready for a website that powerfully conveys your essence and draws in ideal clients, let’s talk!

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