My Journey From Makeup Artist To Aligned ✨ Websites Designer

My Journey From Makeup Artist To Aligned ✨ Websites Designer

Website Design wasn’t my original plan…

You could say the artistic seeds were planted in my school days – I loved art class and was obsessed with makeup, endlessly experimenting with dramatic makeup looks on myself and anyone else that would let me at them (believe me there were some shockingly bad looks!) 🤣 but which did eventually translate into a career as a professional makeup artist, eventually specialising in bridal makeup.

I adored how the right placement of makeup could bring out my client’s natural beauty and I got massive job satisfaction in seeing someone feel their own potential through the power of makeup.

During my pro makeup days, I spent a literal fortune on my websites but I never felt like the final designs were a true reflection of me. And it was frustrating… but it never occured to me that I’d be able to design my own website! That is, until I joined B-School – an amazing online course run by Marie Forleo (one of my female business heroes) but Marie covered website design in one of her modules and I was off! 💡

I should say at this point, I’ve been on a life long journey of self improvement, personal development and spiritual exploration since my mid teens 📚 and have learned from countless amazing coaches, teachers and mentors.

So fast forward a bit, I eventually began teaching myself to design my own website and oh my god did I make a ton of mistakes! There were some true disasters and hour upon hour trying to dig myself out of many technical holes. 😂

But bit by bit I got the hang of it, and I found myself not wanting to go to bed until 2am because I was so engrossed in the creative and technical challenge! It was so much fun! Creating something beautiful and functional from a blank computer screen, and interestingly so very reminiscent of the blank canvas of the human face I’d mastered the 10+ years before…

So I’ll now skip the boring bit where I deep dived into SEO, meta titles/descriptions, site architecture, navigation, photo editing, journey mapping, call to actions, branding, messaging, google speed tests 🏃‍♀️ and sooooo much more. And fast forward to almost a decade later where I’ve crafted hundreds of sites supporting entrepreneurs and change-makers expand their ripple effects globally.

I infuse my entire design process with the same mindfulness and emotional intuition learned from years of unlocking my highest potential via deep inner work. 

Skills like active listening, strategic visual communication and speaking soul languages 💞 translate seamlessly into capturing website visitors within seconds. I flourish ✨ when harnessing my full spectrum of gifts designing online spaces that truly represent my clients authentically and at that deep connected and energetic level. 

Each website launch symbolises supporting visions I wholly believe in for purpose-driven women through highly converting web design so their messages flourish, their bank balances grow and their clients thrive. 🙌

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