Using Mood Boards to Get Your Authentic Website Vibe

Using Mood Boards to Get Your Authentic Website Vibe

When kickstarting any rebrand or website project with me, we dive right into discovering your distinctive energy and vision using a rather unique exercise – mood boarding!

Now, you may be familiar with mood boards for pulling together visual elements like color schemes or fonts. Useful stuff. But my mood boarding is a touch different.

The goal isn’t just website decoration. It’s about first tuning into the very essence of your brand before we determine aesthetics. I want to know the feeling you wish to convey, the change you’re making in the world and for who specifically.

So I’ll have you fill out a detailed questionnaire covering your brand values, personality, target audience, obstacles faced and more facets that make you, well, you! This allows me to start connecting empathically with your world.

Next, I layer on my own intuitive impressions after some meditation on the responses you shared. This is where we start translating the more airy-fairy energetic realm into something more tangible.

I then craft a few distinct conceptual mood boards embodying the tones, textures, imagery and graphic styles that seem to represent your unique energy. These become the colored lens through which we view your brand.

In a session together, we narrow down what resonates most. What feelings do certain color combos evoke? Do some textures speak to sustainability efforts while others contradict them? Together this collaborative process helps crystallize a design direction aligned beautifully to your work.

This solid creative foundation shaped directly from your distinctive essence then informs every subsequent decision as I architect your new web presence. Navigation, copy, visuals and more all flow out harmoniously from this intuitive place of truth versus just my personal preferences steering the ship.

The end result is always a bespoke web experience as singular as you are, woven consciously from your authentic essence right from the start. Just a little website magic sparked through good old fashioned mood boarding!

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