Is your website scannable enough?

Is your website scannable enough?

Imagine yourself strolling through a peaceful, spacious art 🖼️ gallery… Then ask yourself, “is your website offering that same experience to potential new (or existing) clients?”

Or…. is it like getting lost in a dense forest without a map? 🤔

The truth is that website visitors today are scanning rather than reading all the content fully.

The popularity of ‘scanning’ social media feeds rather than reading long-form articles has wired us for ‘skimming’.

Most visitors also have multiple tabs and distractions competing for attention. And are multitasking rather than focusing on one thing at a time.

My top tips for ensuring you have a scannable, airy and modern website design are:

Important info MUST stand out visually

  • Reduce overall page content
  • Guide visitors simply towards calls-to-action
  • Use the Z-pattern!
  • What’s the Z Pattern I hear you ask?

    ● Horizontal across top content
    ● Vertically down left rails and visuals
    ● Horizontal across lower page width
    ● Importance of placing vital info in this pattern
    ● Call-to-actions, headlines and supporting visuals gain the most visual prominence when aligned with this natural eye scanning flow.
    To optimise websites for reduced attention spans, incorporate design best practices that embrace website scanning behavior patterns:
    ● Use clear headings, highlights, bullets
    ● Bold key terms and phrases
    ● Break up text into short paragraph sections
    ● Include relevant imagery
    ● Use generous white space between elements
    Keeping these modern behavior shifts in mind can greatly lift conversion rates through a better visitor experience.
    The heart of effective sites now lies in their scanability.
    By guiding visitor attention cleverly rather than overwhelming them with heavy text content, we can uplift them and showcase our amazing talents and offerings.
    Hi I’m Melnaie and I design websites for Female Coaches and Entrepreneurs in the Wellness & Spiritual space.
    For more information:
    To book a free consultation:…/web-design-discovery-call
    Or email me at
    Have a great day!

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